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Union Online Reservations Document

Online Reservations

To browse events:
1. Click the Online Reservation Link Below.

2. Select View
3. Set Filter
4. Apply Filter

To make reservation:
1. Click the Online Reservation Link Below.

2. Create an Account
3. Log in
4. Select Room Request
5. Set Date, Time and Attendance
6. Search for Available Space
7. Select Available Space
8. Complete your request
9. Confirmation of space is returned by email

Theatre, ballroom, and outside green spaces are not reservable online.  Wireless internet access is available to all LSU Faculty, Staff, and Students by myLSU login on the LSUSECURE wireless network. For connection instructions, please click here. Guests of LSU may acquire temporary wireless access through the LSUGUEST wireless network from their LSU event sponsor in advance. For more information about the LSUGUEST wireless network requirements, please click here. For information about connecting to the LSUGUEST network with a guest account created by the event's sponsor, please click here.


Click here to make an online reservation.


Filling out this request form does not constitute an official room reservation.  The Event Management office will send an official confirmation to the email provided once your space has been reserved.  Note that Event Management will make every effort to accommodate your request in the room you request, however, we reserve the right to substitute rooms at our discretion.